Dehydration at school

As much as I love these tropical temperatures, I’m wondering what I’m going to do with three small children once they are all at home with me.  It’s currently 12pm, very very hot and number three and number two child are both fast asleep in the shade.  I think I may have gone deaf.

Number one child came home from school yesterday complaining of a headache.  I’d also arranged to collect one of his classmates who was coming over for tea – his first visit to our house.  The journey home in the searing sun was terrible.  My son moaned and complained all the way.  He was completely dehydrated.  As soon as we arrived home I put him under a luke warm shower to cool him down and made sure he drank as much water as possible.  His poor friend didn’t quite know what to make of it and and when his Mum arrived at 4.45 expecting dinner as planned they both made a quick exit so I could carry on sorting out my little boy.  Not a good first play date experience.

Surely schools should make sure children drink enough water in this heat?  I queried it with the Welfare Officer at the school gate this morning and she said, “The children can always go and help themselves to water”.  Well, that’s all very well and good if your child understands the concept of heat and dehydration.  All my four year old wants to do is run around like a mad thing in the playground and has no intention of wasting his time at the water fountain.  They should be made to drink water but alas, this is something I cannot control when he is at school.

Hopefully he learnt his lesson yesterday and is now under strict instructions to drink drink drink.  Let’s wait and see.


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