Finally, the sewing machine makes an appearance

I treated myself to a rather nice sewing machine a few months ago when I received an unexpected tax refund in the post.  It’s been sitting in the cupboard for quite some time – calling out to me to be used – but I simply have not had the time since the school holidays started.  I’m also permanently knackered as I’m still feeding L at night and by the time I’ve got all three of them to bed all I want to do is go to sleep myself.

Anyway, yesterday evening, I finally managed to get started on a little craft project – a fabric flower garland.  Photoman sat reading his latest rock band biog (Led Zep this time) and I happily got to work with the sewing machine.  Two hours later and I had produced four fabric flowers – very satisfying.

ImageEversince I bought the machine D has been asking for a crooks sack to hide his loot in and C wants a pink bobbit (bobbit is her toy rabbit).  I want to make a long cushion for the settle, a couple of doorstops,  two laundry bags and lots of cushions.  The list of projects is getting longer and longer every day but at least I’ve made a start.

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