Thanks for reminding me of the important things

I’ve just read an entry on one of the blogs I follow – – the author of which I met on the school run a year ago.  From our frequent brief encounters I know she is fabulous, funny, larger than life and one of those people who I feel sure I would be great friends with if only I had the time to get to know her.

Her entry was simple.  It was all about treasuring the memories of your children – her oldest has recently started secondary school.  It’s something I often think about but never spend the time doing anything about. Your kids grow up very quickly.  One minute they are babies, the next they are starting primary school and before you know it they have lives of their own,

Often, school mornings in my household are busy, stressful, fraught and yes, totally horrible.  I frequently arrive home after taking David to school and Chloe to pre school feeling totally exhausted.   The house is quiet.  Louis is content.  I get on and do things without their constant interruptions.   Yet I know this time is short.  I know I must treasure the chaos, commit it to memory and ignore the “to do ” list.  Thanks mymumdom for reminding me of the important things.

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