Google, Starbucks, Amazon – too tempting to boycott?

I know it’s wrong.  Huge American owned conglomerates that avoid paying millions of pounds in tax to the UK government.  I’ve tried, I really have, but Amazon has defeated me.

As a stay at home Mum with three little ones I never get the chance to go to a real shop (supermarkets and kids’ shoe shops don’t count).  I admit I’ve become a tad boring on the clothes front as I shop online at the same places again and again because I know the sizes and I don’t have the time to waste being more adventurous.

Although we do okay financially with one income, I have to be extremely careful with how much I spend.  It’s really easy to avoid Starbucks and Google.  Amazon, however, is a different matter.   I decided to boycott it when the whole tax avoidance issue hit the headlines and instead spent more of my precious time searching the web to find the cheapest price.  It worked for a while and I often managed to find what I wanted but always seemed to be stung by a delivery charge.

The pull back to Amazon was simply too great.  Time and time again it’s cheaper than anyone else and there generally isn’t a delivery charge.   Do I feel guilty?  Just a little but not enough to stop me.  They’ve won and my principals are out the window.

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