A few things about me

Where to start?  Still in my thirties (just).  Mum to Master D (5) Miss C (3) and Master L (6 months). Wife to Photogeezer (who spends all day looking at photographs) since 2000.  Currently NOT earning any money myself.  Instead, I’ve chosen to look after my children myself – a VITAL, frequently underrated and definitely UNDERVALUED job.

What else?

  • I met my Photogeezer when I was 16
  • I’ve had a fantastic career so far which, in no particular order, includes organising large conferences for people in suits, posh dinners in stately homes, a million pound fundraising Appeal for Blue Peter, setting up a successful fundraising team for a national charity, project managing two rock concerts headlined by Roger Daltrey, and most importantly I’ve helped raise lots of money for two fabulous charities, ChildLine and Teenage Cancer Trust
  • I launched a new generation branch of the Women’s Institute with a couple of friends in October 2012 which was a FABULOUS decision.  With 115 members and a waiting list it is definitely a HUGE success and is the only thing I do that has nothing to do with my children so it keeps be SANE
  • I’m a PUBLISHED book reviewer and have ambitions to publish a book myself
  • I’m learning to knit and sew
  • I love my veg plot
  • Travel is a passion but I’ve not done much of it since my first born arrived so it’s on hold for now UNLESS it involves the children
  • I’m a frustrated singer, writer, interior designer, baker, crafter and horticulturalist
  • I really have nothing to complain about which is why I called my blog pollyannamummy – the glass is ALWAYS half full for me

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